Chinese German Economic Center: Our Services at a Glance

CGEC Chinese German Economic Center – Gesellschaft für chinesisch-deutsche Wirtschaftskooperation mbH has been established in Hamburg, Germany in 1997. With our international team, we provide professional consulting services to Chinese and European enterprises and investors. We have deep experience in Asia – especially China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan.

For two decades, we have been building bridges between Europe and Asia. European Clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of the Chinese market and its culture. Chinese companies value our extensive knowledge of local regulations and legal conditions in Europe. 


Our Clients and Partners:


Our Advantages:

As a German company with strong China experience, we have all the know-how that is needed for entering European and Chinese markets. We are proud to share this expertise with our clients. We have good relationships to various government officials and trade associations. In addition, we know many directors and owners of leading companies from a wide range of industries personally. Through our network, we are able to gain intelligent insights; that allows us to provide excellent consulting services to our clients. 



Meet our Team!

We believe in integrity, reliability and commitment. Our focus is on our clients’ objectives and needs. In order to create a pleasant, productive atmosphere at any stage of our projects. Our partners and employees provide multi-language support in German, English, Chinese, Italian, French and Russian.

Alongside German expatriates, our China desk is staffed with Chinese professionals who have considerable experience in Europe’s business environment. Our staff not only has extensive knowledge of accounting, law and business and regulatory affairs in China and Europe, but can also give advice from a strategic point of view.